Bangalore (or Bengaluru as it should be officially called) is the heart of the “modern” India with a lot of tech/ IT companies, and probably not the typical sightseeing place. I wanted to get an impression, though, and decided to spend one day in this city. Staying in a hotel near the centre or financial district, I was able to do most sightseeing of the inner city’s few attractions by walking. This can be quite adventurous due to heavy traffic and difficult navigation – there are mostly no red lights for pedestrians, no street names and not always proper sidewalks. I started with a few interesting historic official buildings around Cubbon Park, then went in the wrong direction and ended up at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. From there I walked to Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Bangalore Fort and the Krishnarajendra Market in the south western part of the city centre.

In the afternoon I had a hard time to make an auto rickshaw driver take me to Bangalore Palace, which does not seem to be a common tourist spot and was not fully visible due to preparations for some event. From there I went to the National Gallery of Modern Art, a nice collection of paintings and sculptures mostly by modern Indian artists. In the early evening, I finished my Bangalore experience by walking through the “real” modern part around MG (Mahatma Gandhi) Road with many restaurants, shops and bars.