After spending a week in Goa with the founders of WunderNova to work on concepts and plans for our startup, I used the opportunity to add a week of personal sightseeing in South India. My first stop was Hampi, a small town in central Karnataka with a multitude of historic temples and other ruins embedded in amazing rock formations. It can be reached from Goa by train or sleeper bus – I took the latter, it is not very comfortable, but more convenient in terms of travel time.
Arriving early in the morning on Sunday and leaving on Monday late in the evening, I had almost two days to spend, which was just enough to see most attractions. I started my tour with a nice walk through banana plantations to the rather hidden Hampi Waterfalls with a lot of interesting rocks, water holes, and a lake. From Hampi Bazaar, where I stayed overnight, I rented an auto rickshaw driver for the day and went to the various locations near the town and the so-called “Royal Centre”, an ancient palace. In the evening, I took a boat to the other side of the river and went to Hanuman “monkey” temple on a hill with very nice views of the area, though the sunset was not that spectacular due to cloudy weather.

The second day, I got up early in the morning and went to Matanga Hill for the sunrise, which also provided great views despite the cloudy conditions. I then went to see what you can call the highlights of Hampi: the Lotus Mahal, the Elephant Stable, and Vittala Temple with the stone chariot. In the afternoon, I briefly stopped at the Archaeological Museum, and spend the rest of my time around Hampi Bazaar, viewing a few smaller temples along the river, and visiting Virupaksha Temple.