Inspired by a good flight offering, I decided to do a rather short 11-day trip to Australia, focussing on the most important parts in Southern Australia that I haven’t yet seen.
First destination and stop was Melbourne, the capital of Victoria known for sports and cultural events. Although the overall metropolian area of Melbourne is huge with several million residents, the city centre is only about a square mile and can be explored by foot in one day, especially since trams and a couple of museums in the inner city are free. I did that the first full day being in Australia, still catching up a bit with the 10-hour jetlag, covering the basic city centre and nearby areas like East Melbourne with the Botanic Gardens and various sports facilities.
Since a thunderstorm in the evening and early morning prevented further sightseeing, I continued in the morning of the next day with the Docklands, Victoria Harbor, and Victoria Market. In the afternoon, I joined an organized tour to Phillip Island, an island linked by a bridge about 100km Southeast of Melbourne famous for the little penguins. The tour included stops at a wildlife park with Koalas and lots of Kangaroos, as well as several spots on Phillip Island like Pyramid Rock or the Nobbies. It culminated in the evening event to watch the little penguins colony return from sea at sunset (together with a few hundred other visitors, no photography allowed).