Today I spent most of the time in Newport, which provides quite a lot of sights mainly in shape of mansions. I started in the morning by walking the historic centre and then the cliff walk that runs along the Eastern coast line of the city and provides beautiful views on the ocean and on backyards of mansions. On the way back, I walked along Bellevue Avenue, where most of the historic mansions that are open to the public are located. I managed to see four of them from inside, and they were fascinatingly big and pompous as imagined. After the extensive walking, I also drove the “Ten Mail Ocean Drive” providing even more views on the ocean and further mansions on the rest of the area that is better reached by car.

The rest of the day I was only able to do shorter stops: first in Providence mostly for the Rhode Island State Capitol with one of the largest domes in the world. Second in Mystic with the historic seaport theme park (closed already for the day) and the nice town centre with the historic draw bridge. Third in Foxwoods Casino, a huge mall and entertainment centre with multiple casinos, shops, restaurants, shows and cinemas located in a native american reservation.