My second travel destination on the African continent was Victoria Falls (in a literal sense, since this is also the name of the town and airport destination). It is about 1.5 hour flight from Johannesburg and forms the base for visits to the falls from Zimbabwe side. After the rather long-taking immigration procedure where every visitor has to buy a one-time visa for Zimbabwe, I was transferred to my hotel and soon after joined the sunset cruise on Zambezi river. This cruise was not that exciting, since the Zambezi riverbed is not that spectactular with the exception of some wildlife we spotted (hippos, crocodile, birds).
The next day was of course dedicated to the falls, starting with a morning helicopter flight. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not perfect with quite a lot of clouds and wind, so I had to wait some time until the flight eventually could take place. The helicopter flight provided great views on the falls and the area around it, including a short view on games in the Zambezi National Park. So by taking the rather expensive long flight option I was actually able to complete sighting the Big Five (from which I had missed the buffalo in Kruger Park), spotting a buffalo herd from the air.
After the helicopter flight, I was transferred to the falls for a guided tour. The Zimbabwe side of the falls cover most parts of it and provide a system of footpaths along the single subfallls, secured by a paywall. Meanwhile, the weather had turned worse and it was quite cloudy again, which I believe enhanced the mist and spray that is usual around the falls. So it was quite hard to get clear views on the single parts of the falls, and even harder to shoot good photos. In parts the falls work like a rain and cloud machine, so I got soaked up thoroughly in the spray, although I was prepared with a raincoat. I was hoping for better weather and therefore stayed in the area after the guided tour for another walking round by myself, which provided some better foto opportunities. In hindsight, I should have even stayed a bit longer, since in late afternoon finally sunshine prevaled and probably allowed beter views. However, at that time I had already left the falls and walked to the Victoria Falls Bridge which marks the border to Zambia. It is possible to walk on the bridge without a visa to Zambia, and this is what I did. The bridge basically provides views on the canyon that follows the falls, but the view is impaired by the many bothersome street merchants. This is the same in Victoria Falls town, where I went after the bridge. So I limited my visit there to the Victoria Falls Hotel, which is a nice facility with good views on the bridge and the spray of the falls, and the town center with the railway station and its many curio souvenir shops.

Overall, to me this trip felt like a rather high effort of time and money mainly to see the natural world wonder of Victoria Falls, but the falls are definitely great. I can recommend the helicopter tour since you will not see the complete falls on the ground, even if there is only little spray. I also would like to recommend Victoria Falls Guide, which I mainly used to do my research on the travel options and book  a complete package which was reasonably priced and all very well organized.