Today was my last day in Japan before flying home from Tokyo, that meant I had to get back from Nagasaki to Tokyo somehow. The Japan Guide suggested to do this using the Rail Pass and travel mainly by Shinkansen “bullet” train with a stop at Himeji to visit the famous castle, and this is what I did.

In the morning, I spent about an hour in Nagasaki to visit the old Dutch factory in Dejima. I then did an about 4 hour long first stage of the journey by tram, limited express train and Shinkansen to Himeji. There is currently some major reconstruction work going on for the Himeji castle, so the main tower is actually not visible, and instead there is an exhibition and observation deck for the reconstruction works. Due to this and the rainy weather it was not very crowded and I could keep my visit short in order to not miss the train connection for the next stage of my train journey. Taking another about 5 hours overall, I took the Shinkansen to Tokyo, then the Narita Express to the airport and finally the shuttle bus to the airport hotel I am staying to get some sleep before the return flight in the morning.