Fortunately the rain in Nagasaki had stopped at night and today the weather was fine for sightseeing. I started in the morning at Glover Park, an elevated garden with colonial style mansions and great views on Nagasaki and the port. Next, I had booked a boat tour to Hashima island (or “Gunkanjima” – battleship island), an abandoned small island that hosted housing and facilities for thousands of coal miners until the 1970s. Having the pictures of the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall” in mind, I was a bit disappointed that only a very small part of the island with rather unspectacular views is accessible to tourists, and the rest had to be observed surrounding the island by boat. But it still was an amazing experience.

In the afternoon, I walked a tour to the most important spots I had not seen so far, including the Chinese quarter, two temples, churches (Nagasaki always had Christian influences due to its history as a port and trading city), and the memorials and museum for the second atom bomb dropping in 1945. In the evening, I took the ropeway up to Mount Inasa to see the panoramic view both in daylight (rather misty) and at night (supposedly one of the best “nightscapes” of the world), spending the waiting time with dinner in the restaurant at the observatory.