In the morning, I stayed in Hiroshima for a few more hours to visit the Peace Memorial Park, an island near the point where the atom bomb detonated in August 1945. Seeing the ruins of the Atomic Bomb Dome and the full seriousness of the disaster displayed in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was clearly moving.

The early afternoon was occupied by the about 3 hour long travel to Nagasaki, but before that I had time for a brief stop at the Shukkei-en garden near Hiroshima station, a nice historical landscape garden. Unfortunately, I had to read in the newspaper that the rainy season in Kyushu, the Western Japanese island, had started early and I got quite some taste of it. In the afternoon, sightseeing in Nagasaki was not possible due to heavy rain that flooded the streets and wetted pants and shoes immediately. Towards evening, the rain weakened a bit and I was able to do a quick exploration tour to the port, the Dejima district, the Spectacles Bridge (oldest original stone bridge in Japan) and Chinatown, where I tried the Chinese originated, but Nagasaki invented dish “champon”.