Today I moved from Kyoto to Osaka, which is actually not that far apart and I wondered why I had made this a separate stop in my travel planning. However, it is a large city as well (third largest in Japan) and getting around can be time-consuming. When I arrived in the morning, I bought a 2-day Osaka Unlimited Pass that allows unlimited usage of public transportation, as well as free admittance to a bunch of facilities.

I think I utilised this pass quite well already on the first day, and got a good impression of the city mainly by observing it from high up the ground – the Unlimited Pass includes the Tsutenkaku Tower (a “smaller” observatory tower in the Tennoji district), two Ferris wheels at the bay area and near the main station, the Observatory at the Prefectural Government Building in the harbor area, as well as the Floating Garden Observatory in the centre. Besides those, I used the pass for the Osaka Museum of History, the Shitennoji temple, the Osaka Castle, and a cruise with the “Santa Maria” pseudo pirate ship.