Since I did not want to miss out on at least one of the theme parks around Orlando (most famous are Disney and Universal), I picked out SeaWorld. Luckily it was right next to my hotel, so I could walk right to the entrance and save the quite high parking fee. Since there are a lot of shows, attractions, and exhibits, and there are some waiting times, I dedicated most of the day to see and experience basically all of them. Though it was quite crowded especially during the early afternoon, I enjoyed several shows like the “Believe” Orca show and others with dolphins or acrobatics. There are also exhibits about arctic water animals, several aquariums, penguins, manatees (sea cows) and others. When I had seen all shows and exhibits and looked at the theme park and surroundings from the sky tower in the middle of SeaWorld, I took several rides with the thrilling roller coasters “Kraken” and “Manta” (the latter a quite innovative one where you “sit” in a horizontal position), and the water ride “Journey to Atlantis” where everyone gets soaked quite a bit. When it got dark, I returned to my hotel and drove to a nearby mall with a cinema, where I watched the movie “Source Code” after walking around along the International Drive, a very long street where most of the hotels and restaurants for the Orlando theme park area are.