As it is difficult to navigate on this island yourself – it can only be reached by ferry and you have to use a 4WD as there are only dirt or sand roads – I again had booked a one-day organized tour. After picking up all the people from the various hotels or hostels by bus and driving to the ferry, it was an about 30 minutes ferry ride to get to the island. On the island, the tour continued with smaller, special 4WD buses. The tour had a quite tight schedule, starting at Central Station, a former school area with a walking trail through rainforest with a very clean river. Then the bus drove on the “beach highway” in the sand along the 75-mile beach, stopping at Eli Creek, another river where we could wade the water. There I decided for an extra to take a short flight with a small airplane that started and landed directly on the beach – it was very exciting to see the island from the air and fun to ride a small airplane taking off and landing on the sand very rapidly. After that we did a short stop at the shipwreck of the “Maheno”, a rotten luxury cruise ship that stranded in the early 20th century. We even spotted a dingo eating a coconut on the beach. The tour concluded with a lunch buffet and a ride to Lake McKenzie where we had the opportunity to swim. It is a very clear lake and a lot of fun to swim and dive in the very soft water. At 4pm the bus took us back to the ferry and then back to Hervey Bay, where I got off the bus on the “Esplanade”. This road goes along the beach for several miles and I followed it to walk back to my hotel during sunset, quickly stopping by the “city centre” of Hervey Bay (basically a collection of shops, fast-food chains and gas stations) to have dinner.