The second day in the outback, I got up very early and made my way to the sunrise viewing area at Uluru – unfortunately, I underestimated the distance and the sun had almost risen when I got there. But watching the rock in the sunset during the ride was also great, and it was still quite cloudy, so I could experience a kind-of sunrise when the sun finally was strong enough to break through the clouds. I stayed there for about half an hour and then drove directly to the rock, where I did the about 10km long base walk that allows you to walk around the whole rock. Many areas are sacred for the aboriginals, and approaching or even taking pictures is prohibited. But there are a few points where you can get close to the rock. After the quite long walk I drove to the Uluru Cultural Centre, where you can see a small exhibition about aboriginal culture. Still quite early in the day, I left the National Park for another 300km ride to the Kings Canyon. This impressive area of rocks and stones provides a completely different landscape than Uluru or Kata Tjuta, and I enjoyed the 6km long rim walk. This walk leads around the rim of the main canyon, and the quite steep and sometimes not trivial track rewards with fantastic views. After finishing this walk, I quickly stopped by the nearby Kathlene Spring, a former farming area near a spring, and then had to start my way back to get to Alice Springs before sunset – as it is supposed to be dangerous driving in the dawning or dark on the Northern Territory Highways due to the many nocturnal animals.