Another weekend in Sydney: On Saturday I went to Bondi Beach, the most famous and largest of Sydney’s beaches. From Bondi Beach, a nice walk goes south along the coast line for several kilometres, the most interesting and well-known part is to Bronte and then Cogee (both coastal towns with beaches). I followed the walk a bit further than Cogee, which is about 5 kilometres one way. The weather was very sunny, so I shared the scenic view along the walking trail with many other tourists or runners. After walking around the northern part of Bondi beach, I stopped by a shopping area at Bondi Junction and returned to the city for diner and cinema.

On Sunday I bought a day pass for the Sydney ferries. My first stop was Watsons Bay, which is the other (southern) part of the entry to the Sydney harbour across Manly. At Watsons Bay you can also follow a couple of shorter walks along the coast, one of them providing views on the ocean, cliffs and a couple of lighthouses. The next ferry stop was Kockatoo Island, the largest island in Sydney harbour that has a history as a prison, industrial school, and shipyard. The island itself is not so attractive with many mostly rotten leftovers from the time as a shipyard, but it provides nice views on the surrounding parts of Sydney harbour. I stayed there for an hour and then took the ferry back, cruising some of the other ferry lines for sightseeing until evening.