Today the foto opportunities were rather limited, but it was nontheless a very interesting day. I started driving down the San Francisco Bay Area to the IBM Silicon Valley Lab that is south of San Jose. There I visited a colleague who had moved from Germany to Silicon Valley some time ago. After the visit, I stopped by downtown San Jose, but only walked around quickly as there was a lot of hullaballoo due to a current visit of the Dalai Lama at the local Convention Centre. Then I had a look at the NASA Ames Exploration center in Mountain View, which was rather disappointing (difficult to find, very small exhibition, only interesting thing a real-size replica of a part of the interior of the International Space Station), and the computer history museum nearby (was closed for some redesign, but I stumbled into the global Google marketing meeting that was held there).

After the educational part was not so successful, I drove up the mountain next to Silicon Valley and followed the Skyline Boulevard that has several vista points where you have a slightly good view on the valley and the bay. In the late afternoon, I drove over to Oakland, which is east of San Francisco and also part of the bay area. There I walked around the Jack London square and downtown. The highlight of the day was a Jazz concert of the Chic Corea trio in Yoshi’s Oakland jazz club – I had Sushi for dinner in the associated Japanese restaurant before the show, which provided me with VIP seating so I could excellently observe the master’s hands on the piano. The concert was great as you can expect from one of the most famous jazz pianists, but unfortunately a bit short. After the concert, I drove back to the hotel, this time using the Bay Bridge to San Francisco, with a nice view on the nightly skyline of the financial district.