Today I did the same park&ride approach than the day before and got off the train at the Civic Center in San Francisco, where the city hall, other administrative buildings and important institutions like the opera etc. are located. From there I walked again to the Union Square where I checked the Bay Area Tix kiosk for discount event tickets, but found nothing interesting for the timeframe I plan to spend in San Francisco. So I moved on to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as the admission was included in the San Francisco City Pass I bought. The visit to the museum was rather short, as for some reason several levels were closed and basically only one floor was fully accessible. After the museum I took the tram – this time at daylight, having to wait about 10 minutes in the line – to the beach where I had booked a tour to the former prison island Alcatraz. This is probably the most popular tourist attraction in San Francisco and you have to book ahead as the tickets are quickly sold out even on weekdays. The boat tour is rather short as the island is not far from the city. On the island you can walk around and take a self-guided audio tour inside the prison that is no longer used since the 1960s. The audio tour was very good, and from the island and the ferry I had again great views on the city and the bay. Back from Alcatraz, I walked along the beach stopping by a wave organ (a piece of art with a lot of pipes at the beach that is supposed to produce music by the waves, but it did not really) up to the Golden Gate Bridge. This was a quite long walk and I arrived at the bridge when it just began to get dark. Sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge is of course something special, although the loud noise of the cars can be disturbing. The long walk had made me tired, so I took another nightly sightseeing tour, this time with the bus from the Golden Gate Bridge heading towards south. This route went through not so exciting places, but brought me directly to a BART station from where I could take the train back to my car very quickly.