I spent my night in the “desert” in a nice privately owned and managed resort in Palm Desert (near Palm Springs). From here it is not far to the south entry of the Joshua Tree National Park, where I started my tour. For some reason, admission to the park was free today. The park has its name from the Joshua Tree that can be seen all over there. The main paved road of the park goes about 55 miles with a lot of “exhibit points” and a few side roads leading to interesting places. I stopped at several of the exhibit points (e.g. a little cactus garden), made a detour to the Keys View outlook where you have a great view (again up to the Salton Sea and down the valley where the San Andreas Fault goes), and walked the two about 1mile trails that the National Park Guide had recommended to me.

I left the park at about 2.30 pm and moved on to Palm Springs, where I had planned to take the Aerial Tramway that is supposed to be the most famous and interesting thing to do around Palm Springs. However, no luck again, the Tramway was closed for maintenance… So I went to the Visitor Center nearby and asked what else I could do in Palm Springs – I ended up visiting a cactus botanical garden and “Downtown” Palm Springs, but was too late for the Art Museum that closed at 5pm. So I drove to another fashion outlet center near Palm Springs where I found a few things I had not found in the previous outlet. As the heat and the quite long rides by car had tired me, I decided to drive back to the resort and spend the rest of the evening planning for the next travel days.