The second day of my trip I got up early again and drove the Sunset Boulevard to Hollywood. There I bought the Hollywood City pass, a combination of tickets of various Hollywood attractions. As driving to and finding the place took a while, I was quite late, so I kind of rushed through the Madame Toussauds to be in time for the guided red line walking tour where I learned a lot about the history and some curiosities of Hollywood. Next, I took the starline tour in a convertible bus that drove to a nice viewpoint, all along the homes of many Hollywood celebrities, and the luxury shopping street Rodeo Drive. The guide had a lot of funny stories to tell and made the more than 2 hour ride very entertaining. The weather was also perfect for this, it was sunny right from the morning. After the bus tour, it was unfortunately too late to take the tour of the Kodak Theatre (where the Oscar ceremonies take place), as the last tour is already at 4pm. Luckily I finally got my GPS in a 2 minute buying procedure from a fully automated kiosk (see photo of Best Buy Express station) – quite funny shopping experience and I guess the 120 USD for the little Garmin nüvi will pay out well.

Being able to navigate now, I decided to use the rest of the day for outlet shopping in the Camarillo outlet shopping center. In the afternoon traffic, it took me almost an hour to get there, so I had only 3 hours left until 9pm (when the outlet closes) to do the shopping. However the time was good for power shopping, as there were practically no waiting lines for the checkout –  no time for photos though 😉