I bought this nice netbook for my upcoming vacation after looking for a cheap and small device as a “travel companion” for surfing, mailing, blogging, storing camera pictures etc. I chose the lenovo Ideapad S10-3 because of the good reviews and the current 50 EUR cashback promotion.

So far I am quite impressed: the netbook looks very noble, stable,  and well finished. The keyboard is almost full size and thus very comfortable, the touchpad needs to be getting used to or be replaced by a notebook mouse. The Windows 7 Starter Edition that is installed by default is (as expected) a bit slow, but I also installed Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook edition, which seemed to detect all of the devices without any problem and runs quite ok. The netbook edition of Ubuntu does not really have special performance improvements for limited hardware, but rather adds a specialized user interface layer suited to the typical netbook screen sizes, and comes along with a couple of applications that make sense to be used with a netbook (e.g. F-Spot that allows to load pictures from your SD-Card, edit them, and upload them to Flickr or other web gallery platforms). The only thing I did not test so far with Ubuntu is UMTS – the netbook has a built-in SIM card bay. Overall, I can recommend the lenovo Ideapad S10-3.